What’s the Bar LCD?

PNST provides custom-sized LCD Modules(Panels) that prime the aspect ratio for various applications such as digital signage(DID), traffic information displays and casino game machines.

Diverse Customized Bar LCDs with Various aspect ratios(Base LCD size : 15”~55”)



Airport, Subway, Department store, Bank, Franchise store, Cafe and more

Digital Signage

Subway, Bus, elevator, station, Offices


Slot machine, Roulette, etc.


Do you have difficulties displaying standard-sized LCD sets in a limited space?
PNST solves your problems by customizing LCD module size and allowing you to deliver valuable information to your clients more sharply.

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Resized under License from Pixel Scientific, Inc., USA. This product is not licensed to be used in the aerospace, military, and other industries in which resized electronic displays are used by trained, in-training, and/or licensed operators to control and/or monitor the performance of a computer, machine, system, device, and/or process in real time.