Gas Circulation Purifier

Pure atmosphere with oxygen and moisture levels below 1ppm is one of the most important factors in OLED industry. PNST Purification System can help you take maximum advantage of this evolving technology rapidly.

The PNST Purification System will solve your needs of gas control.


Model PPS-070 PPS-150 PPS-240 PPS-360
Removal Column 2ea 2ea 2ea 2ea
Enclosure Volume 3 ~ 5 ㎥ 10 ㎥ 15 ㎥ 20 ㎥
Blower Oil Free Oil Free Oil Free Oil Free
Impurity 02, H20 <1ppm 02, H20 <1ppm 02, H20 <1ppm 02, H20 <1ppm
Vacuum Pump Rotary Vane Pump (Oil Mist Trap Include)
Option : Dry Pump
Dry Pump